Selection Assessments - Identify Potential

To effectively lead new employees, managers need as much information as possible about them before they are hired.

You know almost nothing about how a new employee will actually perform. On their first day, your new Brand Manager will not hand you a “Quick Start” guide explaining how they need to be managed.

Our assessment report tells you what assets people bring to the job and what kind of issues you can expect to face.

Here are at least Ten things you can learn from our assessment results:

  1. Is your candidate self-motivated?
  2. Can your candidate stand up to job stress?
  3. Will your candidate seize the initiative?
  4. How strong are your candidates’ interpersonal skills?
  5. Is your candidate attentive to details?
  6. Can your candidate learn quickly?
  7. Does your candidate persist in the face of difficulties?
  8. Is your candidate open to new ideas and approaches?
  9. Is your candidate adaptable?
  10. How effectively can your candidate manage relationships?

We understand the impact that every employee can have on the entire organization. We use contemporary, valid assessments and experienced consultants to assess your candidates in a timely manner.


And we do it conveniently, via the web.  No materials to buy, no software to install and no added administrative fees.  Our assessment program is designed to be administered simply and easily.

For more information and a Sample Assessment Report call us at 973-419-0870 or contact us.