Sales Selection - Identify Sales Potential

Your organization may have the best products or services in the world, but your sales team still has the power to make or break the company.

It's tough, this business of hiring salespeople. Many managers have an awful track record when it comes to hiring sales talent. A mediocre (or worse) sales hire leaves many managers feeling like they are running a corporate welfare program. However, with the right sales professional, they see results quickly.

The truth is that most hiring managers don't know how to interview effectively. In the end, many interviews are inherently artificial situations. While an interview might help assess whether the candidate can sell themselves, it doesn't really tell a hiring manager much more than that.

There is a better way. We can help you hire better, especially when it comes to hiring salespeople.

We provide critical information you need to make better hiring decisions. Our sales selection assessment program is an independent evaluation of individual's strengths and capabilities. We describe how salespeople will perform on the job; the things that simply cannot be learned from a resume and casual interview. Most important, we give you that insight at a critical time - before you hire.

Moreover, the benefits extend well beyond the selection phase. Our assessment report also provides these benefits:

•Faster ramp up
•Clarity on how to lead and develop a new hire
•Guidance on performance management

We understand the importance of the selection process. We use proven assessments and experienced consultants to assess your sales candidates in a timely manner. We discuss with you the candidates' fit, and help you make on-target hiring decisions.

We provide an integrated approach to selection and our capabilities, expertise and experience focus on one

goal: your success.

For a copy of our sample Sales Selection Assessment Report, call us at 973-419-0870 or contact us.