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At WrightOne Consulting, we believe that when you start with the right people, leading them and managing your business becomes much easier. That’s why a significant proportion of our work involves helping clients IDENTIFY POTENTIAL.

We provide critical information to make better hiring decisions. Our assessment programs are an independent evaluation of an individual's strengths and capabilities. We describe how people approach their work and solve problems.

Our reports offer a complete and realistic picture of each candidate. We describe how people will perform on the job. We give you insight into a candidate that cannot be learned from a resume and casual interview.

Yet, hiring new or additional staff is not always an option. At times, leaders have to make the best of the team they have. That’s why another large proportion of our work is helping clients identify precisely how to IMPROVE PERFORMACE.

If you want a superior workforce, a higher employee retention rate, higher levels of engagement, and an increase in productivity, the roadmap to get there is through quality training and development.

For more than 30 years, we have created and implemented effective solutions, with one goal in mind: To help our clients get the best possible performance from their teams.

What our Clients say:

"I've been skeptical of consultants, but WrightOne provides us with great insight into the people we put on our team. They can see things I’m too close to see and point out the issues that may cause us problems down the road." - President, Investment Banking Firm

During the many years I have worked with WrightOne, they have performed hundreds of assessments for pre-employee screening analysis as well as assessments for employee potential advancement analysis. They are always accessible, responsive, and insightful. - Vice President - Sales - Industrial Laundry 

I have been privileged to work with WrightOne for more than twenty years and have introduced their human capital expertise to each subsequent firm during my career. Their solid business judgment coupled with keen analytics makes them valued partners with whom I can develop, expand, and enhance the human capital and talent of any organization I join. - Senior Vice President - Talent Development - Commercial Insurance